Kneaders/Dispersers which have the 3 main electrical motors independent

Planetary movement of the mixing tools with butterflies TUNGHSTEN line alternatively planetary movement of tools with inclined blade type ZIRCONIUM line both lines complete with fast dispersion impeller with planetary movement and lateral rotating scraper.

ZANELLI has many years of experience in the design and construction of the TUNGHSTEN and ZIRCONIUM Mixers / Dispersers lines, which guarantee a level of reliability, safety, respect for the environment, and very high-quality standards capable of processing products with viscosities up to about 10,000.000 cP.

The use of the double mixer group lifting column is fundamental for the robustness and reliability of the machine. This technical solution confers a high strength to the machine even in the most critical phases of the production cycle with an optimal absorption of the vibrations caused by the machining tools.

Another essential technical feature is the overlapping of the mixing tools during the various stages of the production process. This feature allows you to optimize the mixing flow, optimize the incorporation of raw materials, significantly reduce working times and, in the case of the vacuum version, speed up the extraction of air from the product. The combination of the dispersing shaft with independent motorization facilitates the dispersion phase, necessary during the production process. The side scraper with independent motorization, gives a considerable reduction in the working times, cleaning of the mixing tank wall and guarantees greater flexibility to the machine itself.

Various options and customizations are available in order to increasingly adapt the TUNGHSTEN and ZIRCONIUM Line Mixers / Dispersers to the specific needs of the customer.

General features:

  • Mixing / dispersing even of very high viscosity and thixotropic products in a short time with high final product quality;
  • Easy replacement or adjustment of mixing tools and quick cleaning of parts in contact with the product;
  • Easy use of the machine;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Excellent reproducibility of batches;
  • Possibility of controlling all machine parameters;
  • Strength and efficiency of each single component;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Construction configurations as well as customized automation levels;
  • Guarantee of qualified technical assistance;
  • Design, compact and robust and ergonomic structure that respects aesthetics and practicality;
  • High number of machines sold and operational in the world.

Recipe formulation
Recipe management with version tracking, recipe compilation and validation with different users and classification by production unit.

Production scheduling
Management of the recipe list to be produced in the day or in the week with possibility to import data from the company management softwares, production priority, recipe / machine pairing.

Production progress
Reload storage units with raw material batch tracing, display of steps to be performed on operator interfaces on board of the machine, display of containers prepared for each recipe, integration with laboratory for sample checks and corrective steps at the end of the recipe.

Historian Database for Data analysis
Display of historical production data for productivity analysis and data tracking for traceability, with details on the measured quantities, times, operators and machines associated to lot/batch numbers.

Maintenance scheduler
Management of the Maintenance Log Book and scheduling of predictive maintenance.

User Identification System
Management of single user Identification through RFID/Barcode Technology in order to trace all manual actions.

Remote Assistance
Remote Assistance through augmented reality and TeamViewer to help on-site users.

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