Zanelli after sales and service…since 1962

In an ongoing effort to provide the best quality product and service, Zanelli is recently improving and renovating his service team for standing out the customer care.

Our new support e-mail address (  provides a new ticketing system allowing complete traceability of whole Zanelli service management, which starts from customer request and goes until service ends.

Due to critical global current circumstances caused by pandemic, we have started specializing our technical team to assist customers via dedicated telematics tools exploiting augmented reality technologies ( and remote connections ( as for emergency assistances as for commissioning of brand new machines.

Our After Sales team of experts have the capability to connect to Zanelli equipment all around the world and help our customers diagnose any problems with the machines through a simple APP available for Windows, Android and Apple systems.

As well as, to take full advantage of the potential of our machines and systems, and also completely understand their functions and features, we organize seminars and technical courses both on site (at Zanelli offices or at client companies) and remotely through webinars.

Furthermore, the integration of a remote assistance module in our machine range that simplifies and speeds up remote operations, guarantees continuous productivity and with this we can bring ease to our client list that no matter where you are in the world you can count on Zanelli for fast and reliable service.

We decided in installing of primary brands in ensuring high quality construction and a widespread availability of the components most subject to usury and in addition we look further in assisting our customer needs worldwide Zanelli has two strategically placed subsidiaries, one in Monterrey, MX and Miami, FL.

In Zanelli our customers are more than extended relationships, they are our main commitment.   We are always looking for ways close the distances between us and our customers providing top notch service and immediate telephone support with a staff of experienced engineers, always ready to assist customers by supporting them for any specific needs.

Zanelli advices to take advantage of a scheduled maintenance service on machines and systems in order to keep the equipment always performing.

Mail to for booking your next maintenance service.

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